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November 24, 2008
Satisfying first month slogan

Everybody knows that the first month is usually the most difficult period for a new service. Even though, we are quite satisfied with our web site traffic. We have managed to reach 59 different countries with a very small budget. Other search engines have found our site too. It takes some time when the search engines like Google updates its PageRank® priorization value and these kind of updates may improve the value of our site. has also indexed and ranked Our current rank was 4 011 001 (3 month rank) and 2 085 466 (last week rank) according to (24.11.2008). You can read more and see our current rank from Alexa.

Top ten traffic countries were:
1. United States, 1 004 visits
2. Finland, 348 visits
3. Mexico, 308 visits
4. United Kingdom, 168 visits
5. Greece, 158 visits
6. Germany, 132 visits
7. Canada, 91 visits
8. Malta, 77 visits
9. Sweden, 64 visits
10. Italy, 62 visits

We will see, if it keeps snowing, but we look forward to have better results for next month.
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