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About FAN
Funlus advertising network (FAN) is an exclusive business marketing solution. Our main target group is young people, who are interested in games. We display ads on Funlus.

Why choose Funlus?
- Easy to start
- Highly target customers (language, keywords)
    » Only games
    » Reach young people
- No hidden fees
    » Pay for guarantee impressions (CPT starting from 4 EUR)
    » High CTR-rate
    » All prices includes VAT (22%)
    » We don't charge more than budget
- Easy-to-use control-panel
    » Edit your ads
    » Create new ads
    » Real-time (daily) statistics (views, clicks, used cash)
    » Graphical presentation (views, clicks, used cash)
    » Monthly budget
    » Money deposit (min deposit 20 EUR, max 500 EUR)
- Get started only for 20 euros (includes VAT)
    » Starting fee 5 euros includes:
          · Activating your FAN account
          · Creating database
    » 15 euros for advertising
- No need to concern costs, you are the master of your spending

Please note
- We only allow IBAN (International Bank Account Number) method when transferring money to your FAN account. It normally takes 7 days, when the money will be shown. Be patient.

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