History behind Funlus

"Once upon a time, there was a little boy, who loved to gather mushrooms. The boy was called as Fungus. The boy loved his hobby, but didn't like his simplistic name. It was an ordinary autumn day, when the boy decided to change his name to more unique. Nowadays he is know as Funlus. "

Main points:

- An idea of Funlus 01/07/2008 (day/month/year)
- Funlus Ltd. corporation was set up in 01/09/2008
- We got Business ID 02/09/2008
- Corporation registered to:
    - Trade register 08/09/2008
    - Tax Administration 08/09/2008
    - Prepayment register 15/09/2008
    - Value added tax-liability (VAT-liable for business activity) 15/09/2008
- Funlus web site was published in 20/10/2008


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